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Why go Solar?

Renewable energy can offer financial freedom. Solar power is an affordable, simple and effective renewable energy solution.

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I Want a Quote.

An incorrectly designed or installed system will not perform correctly and will definitely not have a long life span. Why waste your money?

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Need Solar Components

Batteries, Inverters, Charge Controller & even energy monitors. Visit our Solar Shop the highest quality products at competitive prices.

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Why Choose US?

Do you want to know more about us, the way we work and our commitment to you, the customer?

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Solar_Save2Choosing to go “solar” is often the most practical and cost-effective power solution. The environmental benefits are also undeniable.

Want to save money with quality, lasting solar solutions? We can make it happen.

We specialise in designing custom solar power solutions for your alternative energy system. We can design a system that is easy to maintain, reduces energy costs and generates reliable power.

It’s our goal to meet all of your solar power needs and answer any questions you may have. We offer continuous support before and after installation, which has helped us become the trusted providers of green energy solutions in Queensland.

Off-grid solutions.

We also offer Off-grid solar systems which can be installed on houses, sheds, houseboats and campers (essentially any place that needs independent power). One of the main advantages of off-grid power is that there is flexibility on location.

Many use solar power simply to save money, however connecting to the grid may not be an option for those who live in remote locations. Going off-grid can often be more cost effective than connecting to a main power line (which cost tens of thousands depending on location) or is the only feasible power solution in some remote locations.

Whether you want to help the environment by promoting green energy, gain independence from power companies, have cost effective power or simply have the freedom to move when and where you like there are many reasons to adopt an alternative energy solution.

We love to talk shop so don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone or through this website.