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“Out the box” solar solutions have their place, especially for recreational use on your ute or camper, but a “one size fits all” solar system DOES NOT actually exist in real world applications.

AssesmentWe would love to chat about your power needs and the options available but we do not sell systems over the phone. We pride ourselves in not wasting your money. An incorrectly designed or installed system will not perform correctly and will not have a long life span.  Why waste your your money? We design professional solar systems to fit your individual needs for your premises and unique situation.

The only way to give you an effective functional design and quote is to conduct an on-site assessment.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your requirements, ask questions and work with our technicians to plan the best off-grid solar solution for you.  We work with you all the way through the process; in the end you can effectively maintain and utilise your system to its full potential.

Where big solar companies are profit-driven and supply generic products, we strive to create efficient and lasting solar solutions with proven quality components. Give us a call or contact us through the form below to start the ball rolling for the best off-grid solar systems.

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