Solar Power Applications


There are many ways to use the power generated from a solar power system. Common uses are well known, such as powering internal lights and appliances for your home and shed as well as office equipment, computers, sewing machines, refrigerators and just about anything else around the house.

The list is extensive but here are some more uncommon uses that are gaining ground, particularly in rural areas:

  • External Lighting. Your off-grid power system can be the perfect source of power for outdoor lighting in any location. Rural roads and driveways, gates and entrances, external lighting for houses, warehouses and of course workshops. We have the experience and expertise to help you find the right outdoor lighting solution.
  • Power Tools and Equipment. Using the correct inverters, regulators and batteries in your off-grid solar solution means you can power more power hungry tools and equipment. Anything from welding tools, milking sheds and even car charging stations can run off solar power sources
  • Carports & Sheds. You can protect your vehicle and generate power at the same time with a solar carport. Many people are also using solar panels to power their sheds and garages. These carports and sheds are perfect for homes that have limited roof space.
  • solar pumpWater Pumps. Off-grid systems can power solar water pumps, hot water circulating pumps, booster pumps, submarine well pumps, domestic flow tanks and more. A well designed Solar station can easily produce enough power for water pumps not only for day use, but store the power for night time use as well.
  • Security and Communication Systems. The presence of a security camera is often enough of a deterrent to discourage a criminal threat. If you have your security system connected to an off-grid power system, you will never have to worry about power outages leaving you vulnerable while the power grid is out, not to mention that you can locate your security system just about anywhere without a need to connect to a local grid source.
  • Communication Systems. Mobile cell towers, satellite and radio stations can be affordably powered using off-grid solar stations simply because location is not an issue with off grid power. This is becoming more and more relevant in our modern world where communications are important in everyday living.
  • Recreational. Solar is possibly the very best way to enjoy the comforts of home while camping, boating and exploring the natural wonders of Australia. Solar off-grid solutions are becoming more affordable for recreational use and the applications range from simply charging your mobile phone to powering satellite TV.

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