Example Off Grid System


This neat Off Grid system has been designed and installed specifically to meet specific requirements set by the client in Regional Queensland. This Stand Alone Solar System is connected to the main house and supplies power to the house and shed. It supplies enough power for daily use of household appliances and shed tools.

The system has been created to allow the Home Owner to monitor energy usage, the battery state of charge and energy production etc. by using a tablet, mobile or pc.  We have had the client report back that this is a great value added feature.board

The system has a generator input for charging batteries in the event of prolonged heavy cloudy conditions.

Extra info:

  • Fully designed and installed
  • 5Kw solar panels, mounting and racking
  • 7Kw Inverter with two charge controllers
  • Batteries are rated at 36.7Kwh and housed securely with in the shed
  • Solar and Power cables, connectors, boards and bracketing
  • signage and other safety requirements met and completed
  • All manuals, documentation and warranty info supplied

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