Solar Water Pumping

  • There is something satisfying and economically sensible about using renewable energy, produced on your site, to pump water for irrigation, providing water for animals or meeting your commercial or household needs.

Solar Pump siteDiesel powered water pumps are noisy, costly to run and they also require constant refueling and servicing.

Solar Water Pumping Systems have a long lifespan, do not need constant refueling; they are extremely low maintenance; operate reliably for a very long time; ten to fifteen years is not uncommon.

Total savings, over the operating life of the equipment, when compared to a diesel powered alternative is significant. These total savings can be thousands or tens of thousands, depending on your water pumping requirements.

In the past it could be costly or very often impractical to provide a 240v ac supply, to power an electric water pump at the dam, creek, water tank or bore. Now, with better equipment and solar options, the initial investment in a Solar Powered Water Pumping System with quick payback periods makes it a better option to Diesel water pumping.

The total cost of ownership calculated can be short. Payback periods of under two years is quite common.

  • Solar water pumping makes sense, especially if you need to pump water while the sun is shining. Water can be pumped to an elevated (gravity feed) or header tank during sunlight hours to be used any time, night or day. Log Energy could even add batteries for some “quiet” water pumping outside of sunlight hours.

Log Energy can, after consultation with you, design and install an efficient Solar Water Pumping System that will work for you.

Or feel free to browse our online store to purchase a Pumping Solution you can install yourself (recommend installation by a trained professional).