Solar Components

The following are the main components you will need for a solar power system.Components

  • Solar Panels:  Solar panels are where it all starts. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity as DC power. Usually solar panels will be mono crystalline or poly crystalline. Mono crystalline panels are more efficient and more expensive than poly crystalline panels. We source our panels directly from industry leading tier 1 suppliers to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We use companies that we trust and in turn offer great customer support. We can help you decide exactly how many panels you will need in your array and how to fit them in with all the other components.
  • Inverter:  The inverter transforms DC power to AC power, making the voltages suitable for common household appliances. Using the right inverter can make or break any battery-based solar system, which is why we only use the best quality inverters in the industry. Our inverters have modular based systems, making installation much simpler. We will help you customize your off-grid system for your exact needs.
  • Regulator: Regulators, also known as charge controllers, regulate the output of power from the solar panels to prevent the batteries from overcharging. When the batteries have been charged to capacity the regulator stops the charge. Regulators are generally simple but necessary components to a solar power system and can include features such as meters for measuring amps and volts, battery load and disconnects or timers.
  • Battery:  The battery is where the electrical energy is stored. This component is not required for on-grid systems but is an essential component for an off grid system. The best batteries for renewable energy systems are lead/acid deep cycle batteries. These are widely used because they are reliable, have a long life span and are relatively inexpensive. We only design systems that use a high quality and high rated battery with long cycle life that will suit your specific needs. The batteries will make up a significant portion of your system budget so it’s crucial to choose the right battery.

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